Nuke Mobileserver V9

Screenshot - 6_29_2014 , 3_09_30 AM

Bugs Fixed :-

  • love/off bug fixed
  • Run-time error fixed
  • False ban fixed
  • Broken avatar link fixed
  • Dc on long message fixed
  • Message censor fixed
  • Auto message fixed

New Features :-

  • Room subject added
  • Unban/all, unmem/all, unadmin/all and unowner/all added
  • Banning by number of message lines added
  • Gift bot added
  • IP ban of single id added
  • Added invisible message

-=DOWNLOAD=-  (Hackerbox) [UPDATED]








Nuke mobileserver v8

Nuke v8

Nuke v8, finally out.


  1. Easy to use, that is i removed some forms and made it quite ‘all in a box’ kinda stuff.
  2. Added jokes window, so you can put your own, but if it got any unicode char, it will dc bot, so better use the one provided with this rar.
  3. Auto respond window too added, so you can make it ON or OFF as you wish and can add your own ‘word’ to ‘respond’.
  4. You can also see a user’s profile in room or its avatar link. Commands are @ help/14 page of the bot.
  5. I added a quiz, its kinda cool one, you can also add quiz from old quiz.txt file and merge it with this one. But i personally like this new one, coz it has got some G.K questions.


  • S2A is fixed, and i tried that bot id won’t get blocked because of S2A, so happy experimenting !
  • Repeating of’Done!!’ message is fixed.
  • It is more stable the v7. ( I guess if this one gets true :-D )

NOTE :- Always use fake ids as bot ids, because nimbuzz can block them anytime, morever, the bot host may take your id.


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Nuke Mobileserver [Ban bot] v7


Nuke 7

New Features :-
1.)Now you can enter multiple masters or res cen or msg cen or nik cen words at once by master/ID1/ID2/ID3… and so on for addres/RES1/RES2/RES3… and same for adding message and nick censor words.
2.)You can now save bot settings on server by save/set command.
3.)You can load the bot settings by load/set command.
4.)S2A window is added so that you can send message to all your subscribed users.
5.)sendmsg/ID/MSG command is removed.
6.)Auto-login if bot gets dc.

Bugs fixed :-
– Repeating of “Flood Blocked” msg in message censor ban is fixed
– Hanging of bot as in v6 is now fixed
– Stable as compared to other versions

NOTE :- All bots will have some censor resources already added to resource censor list, also message length is set to 150 characters by default and resource censor as well as message length will be ‘ON’ by default.



Nuke Mobileserver V6

Nuke v6

Here is a new stable version of NUKE mobileserver,

New Features :-

  1. Auto reconnect on dc
  2. rst/- command is back
  3. Now you can use bot to send messages to your friend if he/she is not in your list. Bot will send him/her, your message as soon as he/she will enter the room.
  4. Auto update check on start up of app

Bugs Fixed :-

  • Bot auto connect on dc
  • “Flood Blocked” message issue fixed
  • Lite as compared to previous versions
  • rst/- command issue fixed

-=DOWNLOAD=- updated link